Water, the great friend of Wine

Packaged Natural Mineral Water

Water, the great friend of Wine

We all know the great importance of water for the human body and how important it is for life, without water, there is no life.

The sommelier profession is a profession in which you are always constantly learning, we must take into account the latest developments emerging in the market lately.

Today it is very important to be informed, not only in wine, liqueurs and spirits, but also in other families that are related to our profession; Foie gras, caviar, beer, bellota Iberian ham, cheese, national and international, tins from the Galician Rias, oils, asparagus, salts, sugars, chocolates, cafes, Cantabrian anchovies, azafranes, and water.

Water, in my point of view and in my personal opinion, it is so closely related to the profession of sommelier, as water is indisputably no more than water, but on the other hand not all waters are the same.

According to the soil layers that water from rain or snow has crossed to the point of capture, we can get some water or another ones, and the sommelier must know how to differentiate them,well organoleptically or across the chemical analysis, so depending on the type of water that we use in a pairing or tasting a wine can spoil all aid our plan.

When we are organizing a wine tasting we must take into account the water that we choose to clean your mouth and move from one wine to another without leaving any flavour in the mouth, water with a significant contribution of carbonates (200-300 mg / l) would be the ideal.

On the market we can find different:

Water families:

  • Mineral Natural water with frizzante or not
  • Drinkable Prepared water
  • Spring water

Types of Water:

  • Very soft
  • Soft
  • Of Low Hardness
  • Hard
  • Very hard
  • Of very high Hardness

Water styles:

  • Hiposodic Water
  • Bicarbonated Water
  • Water Sulfated
  • Water Clorurada
  • Sodium water
  • Magnesium water
  • Fluoride Water
  • Water of Very weak Mineralization
  • Water of Low Mineralization
  • Water of Medium mineralization
  • Water of Strong Mineralization. And each of them with its own tipicity.

Therefore, I propose to the wine professionals and specialized shops that we give to the mineral water the treatment that it deserves.

If at the moment when we are offering a wine we bear in mind:

  • The zone.
  • The variety of grape
  • The cask
  • The type of cask
  • The harvest etc.

And at the moment when we are offering an spirit one we bear in mind:

  • Type of Grain
  • The Distillation
  • The type of Distillation
  • The Cask

At the moment of offering a coffee we bear in mind the origin, varieties and the virtues of every variety:

  • Guatemala
  • Brazil
  • Costa Rica
  • Colombia
  • Kenya
  • Jamaica

All of them of different different zones varieties and different properties.
Why not to do it with the mineral bottle water and to offer it:

  • bye the Water family
  • by the type of water
  • or by the Water style and its properties

Bearing in mind that apart from the different sensations that are going on to give us organoleptically in themouth, depending on the water that we have chosen, it´s gonna contribute to our organism with the different minerals that it has been dragging across the time and the rocks through which it has been filtering, and that are so beneficial for our health.

Then then when we are in front of a mineral bottled water we can think that it can be our great allied for:

  • elaborating a good coffee or a good infusion
  • having a good Whiskey
  • making a good tasting and a good pairing

The great friend of Wine in a good meal from the beginning to the end, and bear in mind that behind every bottle of mineral natural water, may have happened hundred of years of underground tour up to its point of capture. And there is a lot of work and  follow-up and effort up to its bottling.

Faustino Muñoz Soria

Faustino Muñoz

About Faustino Muñoz

Faustino Muñoz, sommelier and director of the famous Barcelona Colmado Quílez, he´s been around ten years into the world of water. His good work in this field has led to the establishment of Barcelona into one of the few that offer hundreds of types of different bottled waters from around the world. ¨And to finsih if you let me to tell you the truth, My favorite dish is fries with eggs and chorizo, accompanied by a young red wine. I love!! And what I miss so much, the breakfasts that I used to had in Sevilla, Cup of coffee with milk and toast with butter colorá. Rico-Rico!! What memories!! And in winter a ¨cocido¨stew with the Andalusian pringá. It's wonderful. ¨