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‘Falling Blue’ from David Phinney at Mövenpick Vins

Falling Blue Orin Swift Mövenpick Vins

The new wine of the year at Mövenpick Vins! An absolute hit! This wine is by Dave Phinney of Orin Swift cellars, an American in Maury, France, in the Côtes Catalanes!  Yes, the same one who created the wine ‘Prisoner’ of Napa and put a ‘black painting’ of Goya on its label. Olé!

‘Falling Blue” Wine of the Year 2023, Mövenpick Vins

‘Falling Blue’, in the line of his well-known wine ‘D66’ (homage to Department 66), has a lot of strength and concentration, violets, blueberries, plums, chocolate and a certain sweetness typical of such hot climates. ‘Falling Blue’ can remind us of a blackberry-picking summer stroll, with an invigorating acidity and an air of adventure.

Unlike ‘D66’ (with more Syrah than Grenache), in ‘Falling Blue’ Grenache is the queen: 80% Grenache and 20% Syrah, 15 months in barrel, with an alcohol content of 15,5% and you don’t even see it coming! A very gastronomic and pleasant wine at a price accessible to all: 23,80 CHF for this great wine! Only one thing, it is only available at Mövenpick Switzerland and Mövenpick Germany.

We stopped by the Cellier Mövenpick Crissier, where David and his wonderful team welcomed us with a big tasting like in the great old days! Always a pleasure!

With the great David Berthet from Cellier Mövenpick Crissier

Falling Blue Orin Swift Cellars Mövenpick Vins

‘Falling Blue’ more info Here.