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Askena Rock festival and the documentary Blood into wine

We know that the music is always there, touching magic moments, bringing us to another dimension, the same dimension only a good glass of wine sharing it with the best company can bring to us, happening then this unique instant, where we touch the infinite.


In this section we will celebrate with you these special moments where these two worlds join, for our delight and admiration, pleasure and respect.


A couple of years does Las Furias we open the most rocking festival of Spain, in the Azkena Rock Festival, in which also it was playing Tool mongst others. Before that time i was not a great fan of Tool, but this now has changed.



Highly recommended: Blood into Wine is a documentary about the industry of the wine of the Arizona of the North focused in Maynard James Keenan (singer of Tool, and with parallel projects like Puscifer and To Perfect Circle) and Eric Glomski. That’s is! It is possible to be a rockstar and make wine at the same time.

The wine that they make is called Caduceus, and they elaborate it in the most extreme imaginable conditions. The documentary is available now from 2010. One more prove of the union of these two wonderful and multidimensional worlds: Music around Wine, Wine around Music.

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