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Michel Rolland interview:“Today is a time for #winelover-s!”

Michel Rolland interviewed in Wine Defender TV

MICHEL ROLLAND is an influential Bordeaux-based oenologist (aka flying winemaker), with hundreds of clients across more than 13 countries and influencing wine style all around the world.

And MICHEL ROLLAND has left a message in Wine Defender TV for #winelover-s during Vinitaly wine fair:

Today is a time for #winelover-s, wine level has never been so high, and we can taste now amazing wines, without expending much money on them. What are you waiting for #winelover-s? Today is a good time to Love Wine!

Music intro/outro:
Artist: Las Perras del Infierno
Song: Cabalgando

Graphic artist intro/outro: Brett Biedscheid

Special thanks to the Camera-woman and who made possible this interview: Robbin Gheesling (, Florent Benoit and Costantino Gabardi from Provenza winery. Thanks indeed!!

Thanks also to the following #winelover-s: Luiz Alberto (, Caroline Henry (, André Riberinho (,, and Luca Formentini (

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