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Orange Paradise

Orange wine is already the new thing ! And also such an ancestral way of wine-making !  So what it is really orange wine? The simple definition: it’s a white wine made like it was red, using skin contact. That’s the reason of its special color and of its powerful aroma and tannins. So yes, it’s normally a dry and tannic white wine, with a kind amberish colour, and therefore called orange wine. Are you ready for this new world of aromas, colour and textures ?

Orange wine often comes with low sulfure to no sulfure, and also with an oxidative style, but not always, sometimes is just so fresh. The ancestral way of wine-making implies normally amphorae vessels. We can find them in Georgia, Slovenia, Italy, also France and more and more countries are joining the Orange Revolution.

A wonderful book to go deeper in the matter is Amber Revolution by Simon Woolf , How the world learned to love Orange Wine.

Orange wines are very food friendly and versatile, we can go from veggies to cheese to meat, through a world of possibilities.


This crazy wine put my heart upside down ! Serragghia bianco 2014.  Made out of Zibibbo grape variety ! It is an orange wine from volcanic soil with no sulfites, and from the island of Pantelleria, in south west Sicily. It’s also biodynamic and made in amphorae ! Tones of exotic grapefruit and white flowers. I can already tell you that life won’t be ever the same. If you pass by this gem, just surrender ! 


In love! and so excited when I received this beauty from a good lovely friend and great wine professional Yanna Delière ! Check her out at

Le Vin Orange Orange Mecanique from Le Domaine des Bodines is made of Savagnin grape variety from the Jura, with 11 months of maceration and no sulfites added. A wild wine and best present ever !


Another beauty !  Philippe Viret , Paradis Ambré Dolía2, from France in Côtes du Rhône by the hill Saint Maurice. Dried apricots, honey, white flowers ! A tannic white wine (yes! orange wine) full of energy and with a very interesting approach and philosophy through Biodynamics and what they call Cosmoculture :

Don’t wait anymore, go Orange !! Orange is the new White.