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A good idea from Quebec city

A good idea from Québec

In 2008, the Society of Alcohol in Québec, agreed to change the look of their wine shops, to help out with the difficult activity of choosing of a bottle of wine, in shops full a wide and varied offer, with numerous references worldwide, choice that is very difficult to do even for professionals.

To gain the confidence of their clients, they had designed a few years ago what we could see for the first time in Copenhagen, which basically consists of qualifying the bottles exposed with a few color pictograms, which facilitate a lot the choice..

There are four circles classified with the different types of white wines, from the most light and delicate, passing through the most fruity and vibrant,  the most aromatic and mature, to end with the sweetest. The varieties and origins are assigned, as well as the suitable fitting with the food.

Them same happens with red wines, that are also classified under four types, from the lightest to the strongest. This classification facilitates the choice of the suitable wine, we find them on their publications, close to every wine in the shops, and also in big posters around every the shop.

This is a good idea, a big divulgative effort, far from the sometimes ridiculous sophistication that often scare young people who wants to approach the wonderful world of wine.


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