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Don PX ! And Miss Pedro Ximenez !

Did you know that PX means Pedro Ximenez? And it’s the name of a Spanish white grape variety that is normally grown in Spain and, above all, in the Montilla-Moriles appellation, in the south of Cordoba, in Andalusia.

In the glass, a PX is usually a sweet, dark and intense wine, with a lot of complexity and a unique personality. The dark color comes from the vinification, drying the grapes in the sun, and then the wine is fortified and aged in solera system. If you want to touch the sky with it, try it with a good dessert, or with chocolate 80% or 90% cocoa or with the craziest cheeses.

Toro Albala is an amazing classic Andalusian winery founded in 1922, and a must to understand PX and the wines of the region.

And yes, Montilla-Moriles is not Jerez, but they are first cousins. To know more about them, here