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Surfin´ Vinisud 2012 in Montpellier. Pavillon 2.0

VINISUDis the International Exhibition of Mediterranean Wines and Spirits, that happens every 2 years, and the 10th edition has taken place from the 20th to the 22nd of February, at the Parc des Expositions de Montpellier in France.

According to the info on their web,

in 2010, there were more that 1650 exhibitors and 33.000 visitors, and after having the pleasure to exchange few words in the fair with Ahmed Monhem, general director of the Adhesion Group in charge of VINISUD, by the stand Pavillon 2.0, we have the confirmation that in 2012 these numbers have increased.

And here we present you the new little video that Wine Defender TV have done VINISUD:
Surfin´ Vinisud 2012 en Montpellier. Pavillon 2.0

Surfin´ Vinisud from Wine Defender TV on Vimeo.

Without doubt, we recommend to every professional not to miss the next edition of the fair, and we want to congratulate the international marketing and communication agency Sowine , based in Paris, for the creative pins made for the occasion, and for giving us a home to all the bloggers and other online prescriptors at the Pavillon 2.0:


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