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Drinking wine with Johnny Burnette

This song was written by Granville McGhee and May Williams, and recorded by the unstoppable Jerry Lee Lewis, also nicknamed “The Killer¨, because he undoubtedly knew how to give everything on stage.

But this cover version is from Johnny Burnette and it has always been one of my favourites.

Johnny Burnette is a pioneer rockabilly from Memphis, Tennessee, and with his friend, Paul Burison and his brother, Dorsey Burnette, formed The Rock and roll Trio.

Thanks Johnny for delighting us with you ¨Drinking Wine¨!

Drinking Wine Spo-dee-o-dee

Down in New Orleans where everything’s fine

All them cats is just a drinking that wine

Drinking that mess is pure delight

When getting sloppy drunk they sing all night

Drinking wine spo-dee-o-dee drinking wine

Drinking wine spo-dee-o-dee drinking wine

Drinking wine spo-dee-o-dee drinking wine

Pass that bottle to me

Now I’ve got a nickel have you got a dime

Let’s get together and buy some wine

Wine over here wine over there

We’re drinking that mess and everywhere

Well wine wine Elderberry

Wine wine wine or Sherry

Wine wine wine Blackberry

Wine wine wine half and half

Wine wine wine oh boy

Pass that bottle to me

Down on Bourbon Street in Willie’s den

Uncle Willie wasn’t selling but a full of gin

One cat ordered a bottle of wine

He hit that cat for a dollar and a dime

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