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In Pamplona, walking on the street (ll)

In order to make a sale work positively, like in any other personal contact, it is very suitable that we exercise empathy: we must see the advantages of the establishment; to have a better idea of its potential as client; to observe the wines that are showing on their shelves, etc … in order to be able to focus our efforts, doing more pressure in a wine that in another one from the portfolio, which satisfies better their needs.

Like in personal contact, you end up talking about many things: some people love to talk about football, some are on your team, others are on the contrary; in politics is the same, you must be in your place, and be well educated, to listen, to appreciate the effort that they realize, to make more relevant comments, on the zone where they are located, on news of the competition, or of the market, always the comments will have to be professional and without any more exaggeration.

Many things come with the profession, which is acquired by experience: about if they is a fixed day to get paid, where is the access to the place where it is received physically the wine, and at what time. To many in these times of crisis, you cannot pass the receipt by the bank, and you only obtain it in a 50 %. For the rest of payment collections, what you should not forget is: when they pay, in which time, if you have to visit them again to remind them the invoice, if they pay in once, or in some cases, if they pay it to you in comfortable approved period of times, etc…

In the day of collecting payments, the best thing is to use the irony, and to ask them if today are we going to be lucky? In case they have received other suppliers that have visited before, and they may have remained without cash.

In the end, the sale is a whole world in itself: you end up knowing people of all kinds, relate to diverse types, autochthonous and emigrant that are in the habit of being in the boilers of the establishments, as warehousemen, in the kitchens, etc … they are those who open you the doors and indicate you where to leave the wine, they are human beings displaced of their country, far from their dear beings, and that need to be treated fondly, good since we all would like that to be treated like that.

If important and difficult it is to sell, and finally, you have obtained that your wine is in the establishment, more important is that the wine rotates, that is to say that is consumed, for which is necessary that those who have to sell it, know the wine, so when they uncork the bottle, they remember your face. For reaching that point, it it is good, to invite them to some tastings in order that they identify us with the wines, in our case taking advantage of a dinner in the gastronomic company Gazteluleku, simple dinner: a few starters and a few crumbs with fried eggs, so they can see that you cook it for them directly, etc ……

It is also very suitable, as far as possible, that we do one presentation-tasting of our wines, in the ad hoc place, for the regular customers of the wine-bars, or in the entry of the restaurant, to give to taste the wines, which is our better sales weapon.

To the establishments, the professional seller qualifies them for its potential of sale-purchase, this one is this way, 1 box per month, this one is different, 1 box every 15 days, this one goes beyond, 1 box a week, or more, etc … It is very important to treat very well the people that sell more your wines.  For that it is convenient that you visit them much more often, that they see you from time to time at their establishment, as a client, and you have a glass of wine and and tapa.

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