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In Pamplona, walking on the street (l)

Selling has never been an easy task! But in the middle of this deep and long economic crisis, and on a market like the wine industry, very, very saturated, it is an almost impossible determination. The markets of every country, region, or city have normally their peculiarities, but when we talk about selling wine in general, the situations that one must face, are normally very similar.

Certainly, it is necessary to have, first, a great strength of character, important question to sell in any circumstance, and in these times, even more. To the buyers it happens like to the dogs, that they can smell you if are afraid of something. If you are a bit weak of character and you are not very sure of what you have in hands, they will notice it and you won´t have anything to do. If you have a silly day, it is better not to visit anybody that day, they can smell it and fight you, so you better to remain lying in the house! The psychological preparation is very important, because you are gonna face a lot of personal relations, where you are going to receive many: No!!, and this is not a dish for weak people, but for brave people, with mental strength to overcome the adversities.

La Servicial Vinícola, Navarro Villoslada 11, Pamplona

To tell you the truth, I like to sell a product in which I believe in, and going out well armed, prepared mentally, with patience and being gentle. If you are good people and humble, and if you represent a good wine witt a good price, in this case, your possibilities of success increase.

About the knowledge about wines, the more the better, but it is not a question of being too pushy, or giving enology lessons when we have the chance, we live in a world where the culture of superficial things dominates, so let’s be discreet, let’s do comments of the products adapted to the knowledge level of our speakers.

It is almost never possible, the arrive and win, so it is about remembering who you are, offering your new wines with humility . We leave a bottle for them to taste and if we are lucky we can taste it with them, which is much better. They normally prefer tasting it with some of their clients privately, so in this way, they can explore better their commercial possibilities with specific clients.

We have fantastic statistics of a 50 % of ¨No¨ for 50 % of ¨Yes¨. To sale have never been easy, since it is necessary to prepare it very well, beginning by visualizing: the suitable place, the person who decides the purchases, then to find him/her, and come at the suitable hour in order that they can attend us, and then, propose him/her finally in a few and important seconds, what is the wine about, and then always, always be lucky!

he times to visit hotels and restaurants is always very short, because they work till late and have lunch early, and many do not receive anybody in the evenings, so in general you only from 10,30 to 12,30 to try to visit them, so the ad hoc person can attend you to present him the wines. Often you´ll have to travel important distances, that with this tight schedule, does not facilitate the things, and one needs to be very organized, because it is necessary to plan schedules, itineraries, appointments, etc..

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