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Lavaux, Coroner and Thomas Ott

Yesterday we took the car to go from Geneve to Lausanne, and we were sawing vineyards during the whole trip by car. Lausanne is the capital of  canton of Vaud in Switzerland and is located between wine regions of Lavaux and la Côte.

Lavaux has 830ha of vineyards spread in terraces across the Lake Geneva (in French: Lac Léman), and where the principal variety of the region is the white grape Chasselaswhere the ¨ch¨is pronounced as an ¨s¨y the last ¨s¨doesn´t sound.


I have a pendent visit to the wineries of the region and i´ll tell you all about. Wait a moment! If this is not a trip as a sommelier, where were we going to? to a very special meeting, the first reunion concert of the legendary Swiss Metal band: Coroner.

This was the first gig after 15 without playing shows, and we were lucky of beeing at the guest list of our friend Marky. The emotion was in the air.

Coroner’s music combines elements of  thrash, progressive rock and industrial metal. Are you slightly lost? For me it is  also something new. They have been classified as Technical thrash metal, Speed metal and Heavy metal, but Coroner is much more than that, is the icon group of the true Metal underground, with an amazing technique and a complex style. In this concert they had a fourth member giving a more experimental and electronic vibe. Now that I have seen them live I can also affirm that they all have unlimited energy.

I can´t describe the feeling when is saw people at the concert wearing the T-shirt of the No More Noise Tour Coroner in 1990. Just about 21 years ago! specially selected for the occasion, and washed by hand, or never washed! over all this years, for its perfect conservation.

The concert took place in Les Docks, a wonderful location in Lausanne where concerts and festivals of all kinds are organized.

Certainly, we made our way to the backstage and went to say thank you and  congrats for the wonderful concert that they offered us. I was also excited to check if a band of their category celebrates with wine such special ocassion. And that´s when i found a lot of empty bottles of the red wine Dôle, a coupage de Pinot Noir and Gamay from the canton of Valais.


Coroner is Back!

In the backstage another surprise was waiting, I met in person Thomas Ott, a talented Swiss cartoonist, i know his work since long time ago and I am a big fan of his work. It´s brilliant to meet in person someone you admire. Check out his work at:

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