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Omar Khayyam, the wine poet!

Omar Khayyam (1048-1131), Persian poet, astronomer, philosopher and mathematician. His best-known poetic work and a classic is Rubaiyat where already wrote to the wine in the 11th century, developing a complete philosophy of life through it. Wine inspired all his poems as a way of forgetting that we are passing in this world and have better Meanwhile, always surrounded by the sensuality and eroticism.

Wine defend joined the toast of Omar Khayyan along all his poetic work, which praises the celebration of wine and the enjoyment of every moment against the finitude of life.

Why sell your wine, merchant?

What can you give in Exchange for your wine?

Money? … And what can give you money?

Power? … As you are not the owner of the world

When you have in your hands a cup?

Wealth? … Is there someone richer than you,

you in your Cup have gold, rubies, pearls and dreams?

Love? … Do not feel to ignite the blood in your veins

When the Cup kisses your lips;

they are not so sweet wine kisses

If you would like the most enthusiastic of the huri?

So if all you have it in the wine,

tell me merchant: why do sell you?

Poet, because sending all my wine,

I give power, wealth, dreams, love…;

because when tight in your arms the beloved,

I remember;

because when want to wish happiness to the friend,

raise your glass;

because God when he blessed the water transformed it into wine,

and because when he blessed the wine it was transformed into blood…

If I offer my wine, poet…

Do not call me trader!

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