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We are Wine Defender

Wine Defender begins with a daughter and her father with a common mission, approach this exciting world of wine with clarity, proximity and content to everybody without distinction: We are Wine Defender.



Onneca Guelbenzu is part of the new wine generation. She has red wine in her blood from a family side, has a degree in Law by the University of Navarra, she is a  Sommelier formed in Barcelona, she's got a Master in Oenology, Viticulture and Wine Marketing (EVENA) and she has proudly earned the Diploma Wset, Certified Rioja Wine Educator, WSET 3 Sake, y she is currently a  Kikisake-shi student.

With 20 years working in various aspects of the wine world, Onneca lives by two words: passion and dedication. Onneca has worked with prestigious companies around the world, specializing in wine sales, export management, ** Michelin sommelier tasks, communication and marketing, brand development and event management.

In addition she is a musician with more than nine published albums and international tours as her background.

Onneca doesn't know about scenic panic and is a communicative person full of good energy, empathetic and respectful.

She would take to a desert island: spicy chorizo, fuet, excellent wine and great company to share it all. Her first creation with the Thermomix was a spicy chorizo ice cream! Right now she is fascinated with the world of Saké, with Txakoli, with synthesizers, with the Theremin and with making sourdough bread. Last but not least, Onneca ’s latest wine crusade has just begun this year, having enrolled in the student program at The Institute of Masters of Wine.


His first experience in the wine world was when he was 9 years old in Christmas time and he danced a "zapateado" on top of the table, with his cousins clapping. At the age of 14, in the Jesuits of Tudela, he was already drinking wine formally at lunch time. He is pure 100% Navarran, and is part of the gastronomic society Gazteluleku of Pamplona, where he defends the good cooking and eating.

He belongs to the Asociación Grandes Pagos de España, and to the group of experts of the Institute of Commerce Exterior (ICEX) in the section of Wines; also to the group of experts for the Strategic Thinking in the MODERN Plan of Navarra. He is a founding partner of the Think Tank Institution Future and takes part actively in their Blog, in the confection of Debates of the Civil society.

He´s got a degree in Law at the University of Zaragoza. Master in Law Consultancy for Enterprises at the Institute of Company (IE Business School) of Madrid. PDG for the IESE Business School (University of Navarre). He´s been the director of Bodegas Guelbenzu, today Bodega del Jardín, from 1991.

In 2005, he was awarded as the best business carreer, for the Businessmen's Association of Ribera (AER). Likewise, he is a columnist in specialized magazines, Tudela's weekly in the Plaza Nueva, in the portal of civil participation in the defense of the identity of Navarre, Citizens of Navarre, in Confidential Navarre, and a speaker in Popular TV, etc..

He has written several books, amongst them: "Guelbenzu, an own way in the world of wine" and "Matches of Cascante" .

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