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We want Wannaz!

Paradise exists! It is in the heart of Europe, if we in Switzerland, in the Tour-of-Cheneaux, in Lavaux, past the known village of Epesses. And the parariso is called Domaine Wannaz, the only Winery in biodynamics in Lavaux.

Two key people are behind it all. Gilles Wannaz who is also one of the kindest people than I have ever known and that everything in it inspires tranquility, serenity magic!, see it in their eyes, and transmits it to all what creates. Dorian love, winemaker and fervent advocate of biodynamics, conveys passion in everything he does, and has written a very honest book with your point of view on the subject, called “L ‘essentiel de ce qu’ il faut savoir sur le vin”.

Just only 15 minutes from Lausanne is the oasis that every lover of good wine and good eating should visit. And dates not to be missed are its Jeudi-Vin proposed each week, with this play on words between Thursday-of-wine and game-divine, tapas and wines in a unique atmosphere:


The fabulous Gilles Wannaz, from Domaine Wannaz


Vin in Verite 2009, the best Chasselas to never have tried.


Merlot the Tour 2009


Le chant du Viognier 2011

poivre_rose_domaine_wannaz_lavaux_biodynamicMy beloved Rose Poivre 2010, a Pinot Noir delicate and creamy, like a beautiful Symphony.


Ham lavanda-do


Skewer of artisan sausage with blackberries, raspberries and currants roses

To that you are waiting for? Don’t you miss this unique experience if you have the opportunity.

As shown in the front of their wines “Ce vin l’Amour et contient des sulfites”, this wine contains sulfites and love.

And that’s what transmit undoubtedly its wines, which are the best channels of pure love, unique personality and extreme dedication.