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Champagne with Millionaire (the band)

I’ve always been a defender of Champagne !!! The wine is wine twice wine, due to its unique and magical double fermentation!! I have also learned a lot about the Cava, which I also do love, working hand by hand with Gramona for several years.

Almost everything I’ve learned about Champagne has been thanks to my dear friend and fantastic Caroline Henry!!! In addition Caroline ( is a true passionate of Champagne, she moved to Hautvillers to be an insider in Champagne, from where she writes for Decanter, Wine-Searcher, and many more specialized publications, and from where her first book Terroir Champagne (the luxury of sustainable, organic and biodynamic cuvées) will see the light very soon and illuminate the paths of the most curious souls in Champagne. And my first “sabrage” has been thanks to the wonderful and fun-tastic (and the best possible ambassador of champagne) Kat Morse! Thank you girls!! :*

 And the summum was finding this vinyl 7 ” of the song “Champagne” in Montreal in BeatNik Records, of the great band Millionaire, the Belgian stoner-indie-rock band led by Tim Vanhamel, who I had the pleasure to cross several times in Barcelona, the city that never sleeps.

Let’s celebrate non stop the effervescent life! Let’s toast together every day!  And let’s not forget to always have great fresh-delicious-bubbles ready in the fridge!  Santé!


Champagne por Millionaire