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And why not us?

Today I write a post with a point of reflection and discussion.

I like the soap operas, romantic and silly series with which to share a few tears when in real life I am missing reasons to cry.

I saw “Crystal” and even the ineffable “Agujetas de color de rosa” when I was little but now I usually swallow the series from the United States, I imagine that my romantic and irrelevant side is not gone. And at this point, I do not think it will ever do.

After the Venezuelan and Mexican soap operas came “Friends” and “Sex and the City”, a brutal styling and an image of women and friendship enviable. “Sex and the City” I loved it, to the point that there are episodes that I know the dialogues. It is not a joke. As for “Friends”, I’ve seen it a few times.

But lately I’m hooked on “Private Practice”, or “Sin cita previa”, as they have translated their Spanish title. Romance, gorgeous women and men, elegant and independent in a private clinic in Los Angeles and in a hospital where dozens of stories that make you…. guess what?? Cry.

Why do I have written three paragraphs and I have not yet spoken about wine? I´m coming; I needed the introduction, I promise. While the soap opera was a preliminary to say that I am now a fan of American series and I love all the romantic with cute boys, what I’m getting is that in the latter ones there are details that attract my attention and that I do not see in the patriotic products (Spanish, to be exact): they are constantly drinking wine. They come home after a hard day of work, get off the high heels, get rid of the pencil skirt and put on comfortable clothes and a glass of wine …, red, white … always in a great glass, before dinner, in a moment of relaxation, privacy (not in a lonely, be aware) and enjoyment. They (the boys) prepare a great dinner for their appointment with them (the girls) and while baking meat or fish … drink a glass of wine in the kitchen.

Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City) and her friends, all successful women, in their thirties, in love or not all along the episodes, share confidences, gossip, concerns about sex and relationships … and a lot, but a lot, of glasses of champagne and wine while chatting, cry and laugh. When they go out, Cosmopolitan, but when dining at home or by a sophisticated party glass of wine or champagne pajamas …, never fails.

People drink in this series, and many other (one day i´ll talk about Mad Men, but in a separate post) And why not us?? I keep thinking that series so successful and “inspired” in the U.S. as the Spanish “Seven Lives” or, to talk some more modern, I do not know, “The Best Of”, “Golden Girls”, “Aida” … do not drink wine, seem to hide here as a gesture of everyday going to favor some idiot gets drunk just because he sees it in a tv serie.

Because the wine in Spain continues to remain vague in that place between healthy food and beverage, but just in case, better not show it too much on TV … Dear Protector State, it seems that instead of responsible citizens defenseless children rules.

And now It is when I speak of an exception, anything that disrupts my theory: Gran Reserva. A full soap opera with wine such as the background? Good, if in a tv serie about wineries they do not drink wine, forget about it, so I can not use this one, but despite the negative reviews that it has received from the industry, the truth is that it seems a brilliant idea to show a (ideal) daily consumption of wine.

I am not in favor of the idea that TV and film have an enormous influence on the actions of the masses, but I defend that the most popular media spread a positive message as a trend. It is not about suddenly having a lot of extra consumers, but yes about showing that you can drink wine in everyday situations, cotidian, and not being a drunk or a rancid.


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