¿Pelo…poneso and not the other?

¿Pelo…poneso and not the other?

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Join me on a fantastic journey! we begin in Patras, in the Peloponnese in Greece. They invite me to a glass of their flagship wine, the Mavrodaphne of Patras, or “laurel negro” for the friends. It ends just going to my head this sweet and alcoholic red wine, reminds me of a boyfriend who was like that. Then I can only think of nonsenses! ... Pelo...poneso and not the other? -Sounds in my head- "I leave for Patras? -My heart tells me- I better go to sleep!

We go to Cyprus, yes! Cyprus exists beyond Eurovision ! It is a republic, a Mediterranean island and an Eurasian country. Situated? It also took be a bit. Also I do not understand anything of Greek and less of Turkish. It doesn't matter! Let go straight what we have came for: "A glass of Commandaria please? the voices come back, and in my head resonates with echoes: "Comm-would I run if I take another glass? ass… ass…

Commandaria is made from a grape Mavro and other white Xynisteri, both are harvested and dried in the sun, and please take you seat! It has the fame to be the oldest known wine in the world! The Greek poet Hesiod spoke about it, few days ago, round 800 before Christ. It was also the wine of the Crusaders. Respect! If inspired the poet ... Fill the glass more please!

We live too fast. We need inspiration, time, quality of life, with what it implies, and of course, these wines, are not to take them on its own or by oneself, you can! do not misunderstand me! I'm proof of that! But really the best way, and if I write an article about it I would recommand(aría) it, it is that they are wines to take them after dinner, in good company where the protagonist is the good conversation.

Let's go to southern hemisphere! To Australia, in Oceania! we are talking about two of Australia's best gifts to the world, its Liqueur Muscat, and its Liqueur Tokay, are developed in the unmistakable historical region of Rutherglen, northwest of Victoria. These two fortified-wine icons, of White Muscat Petit Grain and Muscadelle respectively, they are also made out of semi-dried grapes, raisins style/tipo pasas?? yes! And this is not an Spanish phrase to see if the type is interested or not in you! We're talking about dried grapes, but this time fired on the same vine.

Mais Oui! In France and Catalonia natural sweet wines are made, also fortified, white varieties of muscat and grenache "tintorera" and white. In the Rhone and Languedoc Rousillon we found in white wines Beaumes de Venise, Rivesaltes and Minervois Saint Jean, and the red Rasteau and Banyuls.

Excusez moi advance! but this is a good insult encrypted, ¡You are a Banyuls! a rancid, or, you are a Rasteau! A mean and rancid? Fantastic! I can not wait to use it!.
California and South Africa have also their versions of fortified wines, and many other cultures and countries have something similar, how vicious we are!


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